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Granular Semantics™ Technology

Automatically Optimize Thousands of Products at a time, SKU-by-SKU

Our unique semantic technology & category specific
knowledgebases allow us to automatically process thousands of
products at once, at the SKU level.

  • Nothing to install
  • Nothing to manage
  • No Rules to write

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Semantically Analyzes Product Titles, Descriptions & Attributes
Deconstructs Product Data: Categorizes each SKU, Sentence,
Phrase & Word
Cleans, Standardizes, Enhances, Completes each SKU
Returns multiple feeds with Attributes that match each Channel’s requirements

We specialize in…

(but we’re not limited to)


Bags / Luggage


Mens Apparel


Womens Apparel




Shoes & Accessories

Effortless Content Optimization

We do it all for you – fast. Nothing to manage. Nothing to install. Our technology is truly automated. No rules to write.

This enterprise product content optimization solution is fully compatible with, and turbocharges, your existing product data feed management tools, in-house agency.

Our systems returns your enhanced apparel and accessories product data – fresh, accurate and ready-to-use.

Very Adaptable

Imagine freshened content that is mobilized for any purpose – marketing, PIM, or site search. Now imagine content that puts you ahead of the churn of apparel ecommerce marketing.

Our technology optimizes your apparel and accessories catalog so that your product data instantly adapts to multiple channels. Be ready for new requirements from Google Shopping and other channels.

Unique Approach

We love product data. That’s all we do.

Our unique approach deconstructs your product data into
component parts to extract every atom of information.

Then we reconstruct it so that’s ‘magnetized’ for searcher intent. Category-specific knowledge bases control for context
and extrapolation.

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