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  • Qualify your product colors for Google
  • Standardize Obscure Colors




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Our knowledgebase contains more than 30,000 individual colors

FindWAtt can read, qualify,
standardize, and interpret your

We break your stores colors down

  • Primary Colors (red, white, blue, etc.)
  • Color Shades (light, dark, etc.)
  • Color Types (metallic, shiny, heather, etc.)

The result?

Every color name is either verified
or transformed into a name that
people can read and understand,
without losing specificity.

We Create 3 different levels of Color for
multiple applications

Original Color

  • Dark Blue
  • Blue
  • Baby Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Aqua
  • Teal
  • New Navy
  • Navy Blue
  • Navy

Standardized Color

  • Dark Blue
  • Medium Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Navy

Color Family

  • Blue

We Unbundle True
Color from Patterns,
Team Logos, etc.

FindWAtt can comply with Google’s requirements but can also work using our own creative best practices or to whatever guidelines you’d like.

Google Requirement
for Color

  • Must provide no more than 3 colors per SKU
  • Colors must be ordered by prominence
  • Must be “/” delimited
  • Must not contain non-alphanumeric characters
  • Can’t be > 100 characters, and no single color > 40
  • Must not be single letters or contain numbers
  • No aggregates of other colors (e.g. RedWhiteblue)
  • Must be “actually valid color names”, so cannot be things
    like multicolor, various, see image, etc.

Best Color

  • Use colors that people recognize
  • Differentiate “Powder Blue” from “Navy”, don’t just call
    them all “Blue”
  • Different colors are recognizable in different contexts:
    • Beige tends to be used for Dresses
    • Tan tends to be used for Pants

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