Re-Engineering Product Content with Technology

  • Fully Automated Processing
  • Human Supervised Learning
  • Knowledge Base Driven

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How We Mine Product Information

FindWAtt automatically looks for patterns, indicators, and known expressions – and extracts
information from YOUR product data, assigning it to specific attributes.

Technology Highlight – Contextual Sensitivity

FindWAtt’s modules read your product catalog in context and understand what each words means.
In this case, the phrase “Girls Night Out” implies it’s for Women, not girls.


Granular Semantics™
Data Processing Platform

Underneath our Knowledge Bases is our proprietary
data processing & optimization platform. This
contains multiple engines that:

  • Clean Data
  • Parse & Mine Data
  • Standardize Data
  • Rebuild Content

It also provides in-built capabilities to:

  • Control Context
  • Control Context
  • Enable Extrapolation

Knowledge Driven Data Engineering

At the heart of FindWAtt’s technology is a knowledgebase-driven approach. These knowledge
bases contain:

  • Category Specific Vocabularies
  • Attributes & Values
  • Attribute Standardization Rules
  • Attribute Inference Rules
  • Data Cleaning Rules
  • Description Mining Rules
  • Title & Description Rebuilding Rules

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