Optimize Product Titles - Gimmicky & Improper Punctuation

Dan Barbata · 30 September 2017

When submitting a product feed to Google it's important to make sure your product titles have correct punctuation. Google doesn't want...

Gimmicky Punctuation

Channels don't allow the gimmicky use of punctuation to avoid hanging forbidden words flagged or to draw emphasis to certain words.

  • "*S*A*L*E"
  • F.r.e.e. S.h.i.p.p.i.n.g.
  • E X T R A
  • :-)

Improper Punctuation

Accidental duplicate punctuation, unclosed parenthesis, or titles that have trailing punctuation indicate a title that was constructed by formula rather than being crafted by a human.

Here are some examples of product titles where we’ve found the Improper Punctuation error:


Example Title

repeated --

Round End Table -- Walnut

unclosed bracket (

6-Pack Lean Dog Treats (4 oz

trailing punctuation

High Waisted Skinny Jeans ,


What Google Merchant Center and Amazon Seller Central Say:

Google Merchant Center

Amazon Seller Central

  • Don’t use foreign characters for gimmicky purposes. This technique is common in spam and untrustworthy ads.

  • Use only standard text, since special characters or symbols like © will not display in the title.





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