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FindWAtt Team · 21 September 2017

Product Type is the most important information you can include in your product title. It provides context to the rest of the title, and clearly tells shoppers what the product is. It is also critical to making your products search-friendly. When people are searching for products they may include brand, or color, or size, but they almost always include product type. Are you looking for earrings? A new purse? A Mirror? Some shoes? These are all product types.
If your product titles don't contain product types, Google will have more trouble matching your products to search queries, and people may not as quickly recognize the products they see. This is the focus of our flagship Title Evaluation Test: Product Type Not Detected.

Reason for Test

Manufacturers and retailers often write product titles with the context of their store and their existing customers in mind. If you are a retailer and you are only selling socks, it might not be important to put the word "sock" in your titles. You might be ok just saying

  • Combed Cotton Crew

But when you submit your products to Google Shopping or Amazon Marketplace, you have to be clear about your product's type, to differentiate it from other products. In the above example the title could refer to either

  • Combed Cotton Crew Sock
  • Combed Cotton Crew T-Shirt

If you don't specify "Sock" or "T-Shirt" then Google and shoppers will have a harder time understanding your product.

How We Identify Errors

We have built up a vast knowledge-base of over 80,000 different product types that we've seen in merchant's product feeds. Everything from "AA Batteries" to "Zoom Lenses." Our technology is able to quickly scan each product title and detect whether a product type exists. And it's not a simple string match. There can be lots of complexity in reading a product title and determining whether a product is a "Mouse" or a "Mickey Mouse T-Shirt." We also have algorithms to discover new product types so we're not totally reliant on what we've seen before.

Here are some before and after examples of product titles where we found Product Type Not Detected:

Original Product Title

Improved Product Title

Rockwell BladeRunner

Rockwell BladeRunner Table Saw

Kartell Bookworm

Kartell Bookworm Wall Shelf Bookcase

Hansgrohe ShowerArc 26396001

Hansgrohe ShowerArc 26396001 Shower Faucet

Sklz Set-Up Trainer

Sklz Set-Up Trainer Golf Trainer


What Google Merchant Center and Amazon Seller Central Say:

Google Merchant Center

Amazon Seller Central

  • Use a relevant title that clearly describes your product

  • Be specific. The more specific you are with your title, the easier it is for users to identify the correct product on your landing page.

  • Product titles, product descriptions, and bullets must be clearly written and should assist the customer in understanding the product.




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