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Dan Barbata · 29 August 2017

To optimize the readability of a product title it’s best to have most words in proper case. The exceptions to this are certain trademarks (iPhone, GUESS, FindWAtt), stop words (and, like, with), acronyms (USA, 3M, DVD), or units of measure (oz, lb, ft).

If you have a product title in ALL CAPS then you’re straining the shoppers ability to read your titles.


If you have only a few ALL CAPS words in a title, it draws a disproportionate amount of attention to that word, which is particularly bad if that word is not important.

  • Swivel Office Chair – SET OF 2

If you are using lower case for everything then you aren’t emphasizing the important words and they all run together.

  • malacetic ultra conditioner for dogs and cats - 8 oz.


Reason for Test

In the worst case, having gimmicky capitalization can get your product disqualified from shopping channels like Google Shopping and Amazon Marketplace. But even if they’re not disqualified it can negatively affect the readability of your product title. We’re not used to reading ALL CAPS. Our eyes have been trained to expect when we read is the contrasting size of different letters in a word, with the combination of these letters forming a recognizable shape for the word as a whole. In the case of ALL CAPS the shape is always the same. Words in Title Case are “bumpy” (have more horizontal planes) and that makes it better for Product Titles.


How We Identify Errors

Our Product Title Evaluation will look at each word and determine the correct type of capitalization. If it’s a brand or acronym that is legitimately capitalized we won’t flag it. If it’s a conjunction, article, or preposition we’ll only flag if it’s ALL CAPS or Proper. Otherwise we’ll expect every other word to be Proper Case.


Here are some examples of product titles where we’ve found the Suspect Capitalization error, and how those titles look after being improved:

 Original Product Title

Improved Product Title


4 Month K9 Advantix II Green Small Dog

Swivel Office Chair – SET OF 2

Swivel Office Chair - Set of 2

malacetic ultra conditioner for dogs and cats - 8 oz.

MalAcetic Ultra Conditioner for Dogs and Cats - 8 oz.


General guidelines for fixing capitalization are the following:

1. Make every word Proper Case by default

2. Make articles, prepositions, and conjunctions lower case

3. Keep trademarks, acronyms, etc in ALL CAPS where appropriate


What Google Merchant Center and Amazon Seller Central Say:

Google Merchant Center

Amazon Seller Central

  • Don’t use capital letters for emphasis. Capitalized text is common in span and untrustworthy ads. You should still use capitalization when it’s appropriate, including for abbreviations, phone numbers, countries, and currency. For example ADHD, UNICEF, 1-555-CALL-NOW, UK, and USD
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word

  • Do not capitalize conjunctions (and, or, for), articles (the, a, an), or prepositions with fewer than five letters (in, our, over, with)

  • Do not use ALL CAPS




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