Optimize Product Titles - Typos, Abbreviations & Missing Spaces

Dan Barbata · 29 August 2017

When submitting your product feeds to Google Shopping or Amazon Marketplace, you should ensure that none of your products are being disqualified. There are a number of reasons this can happen, and some of them are related to your product titles. Shopping channels want product titles to be clean & clear, and this means no gimmicky text, punctuation, or typos.

In our Product Title Evaluation we have different checks for different kinds of typographical errors:

  • Possible Typos
  • Suspect Abbreviations
  • Missing Spaces

Reason for Test

Typographical errors happen for a number of reasons. Typos are often literally mistaken keystrokes, and there are also words that people just have a hard time spelling like “Fluorescent.” Abbreviations are often intentional and necessary for ERP systems with strict character limits. Missing spaces (or concatenations of words) are also commonplace. It’s pretty obvious why Google Shopping and other channels would want everything spelled out correctly, but interestingly even when a word is a legitimate compound word, like “Tablecover” they prefer it as two words “Table Cover.” This is because quickly read shorter words tends to be easier than processing long words.

How We Identify Errors

We have a dictionary of over 1 million words that we use to verify spellings. We also look for common patterns of misspelling words. For example:


Correct Spelling




 Switched Letter



 Repeated Letter



 Missing Letter



 Extra Letter

Here are some examples of product titles where we've found various typographical errors and how those titles look after being fixed:

Original Product Title

Improved Product Title

 Women’s Messenger Shouder Bag

 Women’s Messenger Shoulder Bag

 Adidas Classic Wvn Training Jacket

 Adidas Classic Woven Training Jacket

 Long Sleeve Shirt, Navy2XL Long

 Long Sleeve Shirt, Navy 2XL Long

What Google Merchant Center & Amazon Seller Central Say:

Google Merchant Center

Amazon Seller Central

  • Make sure that your ad text doesn’t have incorrect grammar or spelling.
  • Product titles, product descriptions, and bullets must be clearly written and should assist the customer in understanding the product.




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