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Dan Barbata · 29 August 2017

The beginning of a product title is the most valuable real estate. Google Shopping has a maximum allowable limit of 150 characters, but Google "strongly encourages you to submit titles with 70 of less characters whenever possible." Even if you can't summarize your entire product in 70 characters, Google Shopping recommends putting more important information first:

We recommend putting distinctive product attributes at the beginning of the title. For example, 'Nexus 7 tablet in black with 32GB of storage' becomes 'Nexus 7 tablet, 32GB, black'. The product information to put in your title also depends on the product category. Technical specifications are important for electronics whereas brand, color, and fabric are more important for apparel items. This helps the user to understand what this product is even if the title is truncated.

As they say, even if your product title is truncated, by putting the most important information first, you are ensuring the user will see it. Even if your title is less than 70 characters, the most important information should still be first, and the least important information last.

Reason for Test

Product titles are often constructed in convenient ways, and not necessarily having anything to do with Google Shopping's specifications. Titles often have all sorts of information at the beginning that should really either be at the end or at leat further pushed further toward the end.

  • 12 Pack of Recycled TaylorMade Tour Preferred X Golf Balls
  • 2 Pack Merle Roberts Deep Cleansing Cold Cream Make Up Remover ; 4 Fl. Oz. Each

How We Identify Errors

We identify these errors by looking for less important information at or towards the beginning of the product title. Things like pack size or quantity are the big items that don't usually need to be featured prominently. But also common item sizes, colors & patterns that are obvious from images, or other information that we deem not critical to a purchase decision.

Here are some examples of titles where we’ve found Wasted Beginning, and how those titles look after being improved. Some are actually being cut-off before the product type is even being mentioned:

Original Product Title (first 70)

Improved Product Title (first 70)

3 Pack of Refresh Tears Cooling & Soothing Advanced Redness Relieving...

Refresh Tears Cooling & Soothing Advanced Redness Relieving Eye Drops...

12 Pack of Recycled TaylorMade Tour Preferred X Golf Balls

Recycled TaylorMade Tour Preferred X Golf Balls, 12 Pack

18 Piece Set of Authentic Hotel Luxury Spa Collection 650-GSM Egyptian...

Authentic Hotel Luxury Spa Collection 650-GSM Egyptian Cotton Towels...


What Google Merchant Center says:

Google Merchant Center

  • Put the most important details first. Users will usually only see the first 70 characters or fewer characters of your title, depending on screen size.






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