Why Your Product Title Should be More than Brand & Part Number

Dan Barbata · 2 October 2017

Product Title is the most important piece of content in your Google Shopping feed. Optimizing product title can dramatically increase its relevance, visibility, and performance. Whether it’s adding missing information, removing extraneous information, or re-ordering information, there is usually something you can do to improve every product title.

Original Product Title:

This product is a really expensive and fancy dog training collar with a remote control that looks like it can be used to tame a lion. It has 1 mile of range which seems like a selling point. But this product title is just a Brand and Part Number. By adding product type Electronic Dog Training Collar or E-Collar Dog Training System or something similar we are making this product appear for people who know what they want, but don't know the exact brand and part number.

Optimized Product Title:

The result is a product title that clearly explains exactly what the product is, what the benefit is, and why it's so expensive.

To evaluate your product titles for these kinds of errors and learn how to optimize them, try our free Product Title Evaluation.





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